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  • Aura Video Station
  • Πέτρες για τσάκρα
  • Aura Video Station


This is our most pleasant and popular service.


Follow our tips and you will have your personal auraphoto.

Find us! See where we are currently located and come to visit us to the Auraphoto Kiosk.


  • Talk to us and we will answer to all your questions.
  • Stand at the specially designed photo shooting point.
  • Relax for a second. There is also background music!
  • Touch your left palm on the InnerSense hand biosensor.
  • In a few minutes, our partner will have completed the data gathering.
  • Your aura photo has been completed. 
  • In a tasteful envelop, you will find the photographical illustration of your energy data about your aura and chakras. 
  • Do you want more? See the 25-page printed analysis of your data including information and images.

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