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Aura and chakras analysis

THIS BOOK about Aura-Chakras ANALYSIS encorporates the following chapters:


  •  grassroots interpretation of your aura colour
  •  preview of your aura colour ANALYSIS (image) 
  •  the units of the analysis
  •  preview of the chakras analysis (image)
  •  chakras colour the reference diagram (image)
  •  preview of the aura graphic illustrations (image)
  •  analysis of the chakras graphic illustrations (image) and their interpretation
  •  analysis of biodata graphic illustrations: energy body power – tension evaluation
  •  preview of the aura colour analysis and the position of the colours
  •  aura analysis script
  •  personality analysis based on the COLOUR of your aura 

You have in your hands a 25-page printed analysis and there is the possibility of acquiring it also in a storage unit of your pick.

The file can be given to you as a pdf file in a CD, USB or it can be sent to you electronically via e-mail.

Just ask for it!


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