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  • Aura Video Station

Auraphoto kids

Take your children's auraphoto, whatever their age.


There are many reasons for that:

  • Φωτογράφηση ΠαιδιώνWhy? Because it is something innovative and unique.
  • You will have another wonderful and more spiritual image of your child.
  • Children get really excited at the idea of the aura and the light existing around them. They can intuitively perceive it.
  • You can have their aura photoghaph and show them how it is like. This will add a new cognitive angle to their learning skills.
  • Through a thorough analysis of the measurement, you can find out about facets and other hidden areas of your little one's complex personality.
  • You can implement some exercises and techniques you can find on our website so as to ingrain to your child a more spiritual way of life, showing to him or her techniques of relaxation, concentration and simple visualisations and playing at the same time. All these will help you build strong foundations in your child's future life. We can help your child's neurosystem to develop in a better way. We give it a boost in order to develop various ways of resistance against the constantly rising tension of the daily life.
  • All these and more many reasons are meant to be discovered by you. The utility of such a photograph is beyond limits. We are looking forward to your ideas. Send us your e-mail and tell us what you think. Inspire more parents by commenting at the column “What people said about us”.

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