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  • Aura Video Station

What are Aura Video Station 7 Pro


Inneractive’s original biofeedback-system built for healers and alternative health establishments. We are proud to offer cutting-edge advancements to aid in natural healing of the physical body and emotional well-being. Aura Video Station 7® includes a range of software programs and lets you select various options for displaying biofeedback data: as an aura image, in easy-to-read graphs and more!

The Aura Video Station 7 Pro Package offers all the exclusive features of our Basic package, but with added adaptations for specialized healers and retailers needing more in-depth options. Use the newAnimalAura Plates to read four-legged clientele: place paws on the plates for fast readings. Or slip on theReikiTips to further enhance one-on-one therapeutic treatments.


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