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Why should i have my aura photographed

Except for the fact that it is an innovative idea and it could also be a great present for someone, the photographical illustration of your energy body can be very useful and instructive for you.

Through the aura photo:

  • Aura Video Station ProWe are given the opportunity to acquire an illustration of the invisible space which surrounds us.
  • This fact allows our mind to open a new window on cognition towards the existence of the aura. Our mind gets forced to make an acknowledgement and this is the first step. This experience can be used then in some exercises so as to arouse in us an insightful perception of that human field existing around us. This is particularly effective on children because they still have the abity of inner vision.
  • Another beneficial use is that the photo shooting of your aura unveils the colours that characterise you at that specific time. If somebody wants to invigorate some particular qualities of their character, they can use the given colours in their closet or at the decoration of their personal space. If there are colours which imply that the existence of something pathological, then somebody can choose a healthier hue of those colours or their complementary ones. This will affect your psyche in a positive way for that specific period of time, as well as your health. 

All the information that someone obtains through their aura photo can have many implementations in their daily life.

What is the only thing you need? Imagination!  


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