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What is an Aura

Everything in this world, from the stones and plants to the humans, the planets and stars, generates radiation and emits ethereal molecules. This ethereal atmosphere that surrounds everything is called aura.

It used to be and it still can be seen by insightful and intuitive people. However, lately there have been invented machines that can photograph it.


The aura of each creature is different. It has its own uniqueness.

It functions just like the atmosphere on a planet. It constitutes the energetic environment in which different creatures develop, live, learn, get protected and expand. It is the skin of the soul. Cosmic currents and universal forces come through it. Life itself comes through it. All the interactions between all the creatures, the humans, the nature and the stars take place through the aura. We get protected through it. Whenever something destructs it, this has direct consequences on our physical and psychological health. Our aura is our antenna, and our filtre as well. Whatever penetrates us comes through it.

The quality of our aura is our personal quality. Through our aura we attract things we are worthy of. We attract things that we deserve, either good or bad. A bright aura is the most useful tool in someone's life. Its brightness is the outcome of all of our «energy bodies», starting with our physical body. So, the role of nurture, respiration, exercise and appropriate relaxation is very important. Then, we start thinking about our feelings, thoughts and the rest of the «bodies».

Most of those who are interested in aura believe that their energy problems come from external factors. The truth is that most of our problems stem from our inner world. Our thoughts, feelings and lifestyle are the factors which shape thoroughly those energy hues which we call aura. Perceiving this energetic environment  helps us acquire a useful tool for our self-awareness as well as our self-treatment. 

Our aura is a bright sphere with various chromatic qualities which surrounds and covers the body of every living creature. It reflects our mood, our state and the quality of our life as well as our spiritual development. In spiritual people, its vibration is quite high and due to this insightful power that aura has, people could always discern that arcane light surrounding holy people of every religion, known to us as the «halo». 

The composition of aura and the allocation of its colours differs from person to person. Its colour and size, its brightness and intensity reveal someone's deeper inner world, psyche and temperament.

Asking for information about our aura gives us the opportunity to find out things about our health, emotional disposition, quality of our thoughts and the way we react in our daily life.

We can learn how to cure ourselves and how we can take advantage of our inner inclinations.

We can learn more things about our closest people.


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