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What are chakras

Word «chakra» means «wheel». In the human body, there are 7 Energy Centres. Five of them are located in the spine and the other two in the head.                                                           

Chakras belong to our ethereal part, so they are invisible to the human eye. They are sources of light, little suns through which the energy is distributed to our whole existence. In the places where chakras are located in our body, there is an endocrine gland. These glands are sensitive to a wide range of psychological and energetic fluctuations, something which is now acknowledged by internal medicine. All of us know that psychological stress, negative thinking, feelings of melancholy can be factors of  ailment. This embodiment mechanism is part of  the function of our energy body.

For somebody to occupy themselves with their energy centres is a very important thing to do.

We owe our good or bad health to our chakras.

Every one of them activates positive properties if it runs well or negative properties if it is blocked.  

  • When the chakras are balanced, then people enjoy a good life with positive properties, gifts, talents and feelings.
  • When they do not function properly, life is saturated with contradictions, difficulties, illnesses, obstacles.
  • See the condition of your energy centres by photographing your aura.
  • Read the analysis that we give you about your condition.
  • Find out ways to transform your life, health and mood.
  • Learn simple empowerment techniques for your energy centres.

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