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Teachers' Words

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

The aura represents a book, but it is a book of such finesse that it is hard to comprehend. And, as there are no two living creatures having the same fingerprints, the same thing happens with their aura.

To augment the pitch, purity and power of the aura, it is important that you have great ideals, work on yourself in order to do noble and fair deeds and have pure thoughts and feelings. For those who seek love, power or light, there is no other way but to work on their aura so as to remove the dull colours that destroy everything good around them.

Have you ever wondered why holy people are always presented with a gold halo on their head? In the past, there was an entire colour science which explained that every virtue is expressed through a special colour and that the colours produced by those virtues are the ones which form the aura.

If someone is pure, their aura becomes clear and transparent. If someone is smart, then their aura is becoming more and more bright. If they live an intense life, the aura vibrates a lot. If there is great will, then it becomes really strong. In the occasion of someone focusing on spiritual matters, their aura expands and becomes huge and the beauty of its colours depends on the harmony among all of the virtues and skills that somebody has.

Choose to work on your aura and you will understand many things. You will see your life changing.

From the book: “Metaphysical dimensions of human: centres and ethereal bodies”


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